Winter of 2004 Shots Without Snow Here Horses...
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Creation Festival NHRA Drag Races Seattle Speedway  

Fireworks Photo Caption
Coast, Rain forest, Lake Quinalt, Seattle Hydros

The  holidays around Kirkland and Bridle View.  The Family visted while Maman Googoo was ill.  It was Leila's last visit.

Evergreen Fair in Monroe

Ali and Kristina visited for the 4th of July.  We went to see the fire works over Lake Washington from  downtown Kirkland, but saw the show at Lake Union and Elliott Bay simultaneously. 

Great summer.  Mark took us to the drag races and 'splained it to us.  It was great fun.  Don't forget your ear plugs. 

We got back from the coast and Dad and the kids went to the Hydro-plane races.  Some scooter trash at the gate gave me a pit pass and tickets for less than the price of tickets-  that was great fun!