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This Jimmy has well over $20k of new parts in it, but we got into horses and never leave the farm.  Too many pets!

The following are new:

Low Profile roof a/c, water heater, exterior shower (for the beach), heater, paint, upholstery, windshield glass, window trim, interior, cabinets, stove, faucet, Corian counter and integrated sink, and more.  Much of the trim you see there is very expensive metal laminate. 

It has very nice interior bath room.  I can't say enough about the design of these motor homes.  The front wheel drive allows the floor to be 9 inches off the ground for a great ride.  It's a pleasure to drive.  The closet and bathroom door open up (see middle picture above) to make a nice changing room for when you step out of the shower.  The way the sofa flips up to make a top bunk is unlike anything I've ever seen before.  I can't say enough about this.

The construction is like an airplane.  All parts are available for these. 


Floor plans  Different configurations and original cost.

It sleeps six pretty comfortably.  It has a large bed in the rear.  There are two doors that open up to separate the motor home into three areas:  the rear bed, the bath room, and the forward area.  The forward area has a couch that turns into a very cool pair of bunk beds.  The rear wings upward from the top on hinges, and folds outward from the middle, then two seatbelts (opposite the hinge) attach to the roof.  I've never seen anything like it except on these.  (I've had several over the past 30 years, and I'll probably have another after the kids are gone.) 
The dinette turns into a nice sized bed too.  This is NOT like ones where the table drops down and and you throw the cushions from the back on it.  To start with, the table is in three sections and the two outside leaves fold over the top to make it a coffee table w/ built in drink holders.  It drops totally out of the way for the bed.  The fronts of the two seats pull forward and the backs fold down like a recliner chair to form a VERY comfortable bed. 
Every detail of these things is awesome. 

Rebuilding Services


Alex is a great guy and I bought several items from him.

This is another resource.  Look at what folks do to these.  Buy this and put a nice mural on the side or wrap the whole thing for your business.  Look in the movie Twister to see what they've done to them.  The whole rear end can be made to open.  Look at the movie stripes.  All you need is a rocket launcher! -> Home