Microsoft Frontpage-  Why do they do such a half way job?  A few of the photo pages on this site were created with this tool.  It is the only tool I've used that does not have a next/previous button when you expand a thumbnail.  You must back to the thumbnails and remember what link you looked at last and then find the next one.  So close, but such basic functionality is missing.  Ideally I'd be able to copy links to various directories and have only one copy on the website, yet links to it from several topical collections.  eg:  horses, Cassidy, 2005 could all be collections pointing to a single copy of a picture of Cassidy on his horse.

Calibri:  Looking for a good pen or lighter, don't look at calibri. I had a lighter for quite a few years. When it failed to work regularly, I stopped by the tobacco store to ask about service. They handed me a very handly self addressed box to send it calibri. Once there however, Colibri told me they couldn't fix it and were holding it hostage- they would not return it unless I sent them a ransom well in excess of the postage.

If you want a lifetime product with a reputable company that backs it up, go to Cross, or somewhere else for you needs.

I have discontinued offering the colibri business card holders and letter openers to my 5 year employees.

E-Bay Policies look out for sellers NOT buyers. Their policy is reasonable in that it asks you to work with the seller to straighten things out.  However, if you do that, you can easily lapse past the 60 days to leave feedback and the seller is protected.  I've shopped on e-bay with modest regularity since '95, but when I was cheated by a seller, they aren't there to support me.  It is really a huge garage sale, so if what is there is what you want and can't find it anywhere else, go for it, but you don't look for them for any support for the sheisters which will undoubtedly increase their scams on e-bay.
Ford lives up to Fix Or Repair Daily.    I bought a Ford Excursion and the water pump has failed twice, the wheel bearings didn't last 60k miles, the passenger seat warmer blows the turn signal, the cam sensor failed leaving us stranded, and so on.  When I looked on the net, it was apparent the cam sensor was crap, but they charged me full price to repair it.  Three years later, they send me a recall.  Don't they have internet access.  The windows barely work the motors are so underpowered.  The thing that is amazing is that they think they can build a hybrid!