This is the family website of Don Kaufman, Mehri Kaufman, Cassidy Kaufman & Savannah Kaufman.

Hi, Hello, How are ya?  Glad you stopped by.  Of course, we intend to send Christmas cards, but working for has me pretty busy around that season.  I have other excuses for other times of the year.  Some of our dear friends have 3 or 4 excuses (kids) and still get out cards, but this is as good as we can do...

As we move around this great country we continue to be blessed with good friends.  The pictures here are mainly from our current home in the Seattle area.  Once I get the scanner running I'll start backtracking through Vancouver, North Carolina, Virginia, Miami, and who knows where else.  As you can see from the 1960's pages, Dad has learned to scan pictures.... 

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