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  Custom copy w/ my house on the cover

Why I am fine w/ them knowing anything about me except my DNA

Monopolies? Amazon's future before it was here.

Trust Busters

Political Correctness

Urban Density and Mass Transit

... more dense thinking

Franken-fruit?  part 2

John Perry Barlow 2.0

The odd origins of Spread Spectrum technology: and where it's headed


  Interesting "Hackers" if there is such a thing
  Will Smith as Neo in the Matrix?  What a class act he really is...
The Imprimus from Hillsdale college.  I never knew William F. Buckley and Hillsdale were associated.  He is below on my list of favorite people.  The Hillsdale College website however has gathered his lifetime's work on their site in a feature called Buckley Online


Sky Dayton, founder of Earthlink, Education in the Internet Age

Phillip Anschutz, Whatever Happened to the Family Film?  Read the Bio if nothing else and know he produced Holes

Robert J. Herbold, retired executive vice president and chief operating officer of Microsoft Corporation speaks on education at a Seattle Hillsdale conference I attended.

Gun speech delivered at a seminar in Seattle I attended.

Very interesting Middle East article.  It doesn't side w/ the US gov... 

Canadian Health Care

Terrestrial Energy

Get a subscription, it's free.  Meet us in Seattle next year at their seminar!

Misc Parade Magazine Interview w/ Carlos Santana
My pastor, Ken Hutcherson from Antioch Bible Church Here's a paraphrased quote:  A government that doesn't fear its people is probably a tyranny.

My Favorite Books

The Bible

Atlas Shrugged

The Wealth of Nations

My Favorite Authors as People, not as Writers...

John Perry Barlow; writer for The Grateful Dead, co-founder of Electronic Frontier Foundation, and soon to be TV star Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace


William F Buckley.  What can I say, sailor, author, and smart guy. In all honesty, these two people came to the top of my list independently, yet they debated each other on a special Firing Line (PBS) in '96.  The contents are coincidentally summarized at one of my favorite publications' site, Hillsdale College (see above).  I think my data sources are not diverse...

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