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One of Florida's state parks, Blue Springs has a wonderful pool w/ year around 72° water. 

In the Forida Keys, Holiday Isle Boat Rentals was very helpful.  The provided a boat, maps, and suggestions for a wonderful day.

On the return trip from the keys to Miami, we stopped at The Everglades Alligator Farm and it was a hoot.  Discount coupons were available in Florida City at the visitor's location.  The Airboat ride was much more fun than anticipated.  It was a big sled, with a huge 500 hp cadillac motor that would do some great 360°'s

The  Miami Seaquarium was a lot of fun.  The crowds were much larger than in the 80's, but maybe it was that the Marlin's baseball team was having an event.  The shows were very good.  The facilities were in great shape.  Only the shark exhibit was disappointing.

Parrot Jungle (Island) had moved since the 80's.  It is now out at Fisher Island, where Chalks Airlines (seaplanes) flys from.  The facility is much smaller than the old one.  Maybe my selective recall is at work, but I sure loved the old one down in Kendall.  Again, the crowds were larger than before.  The parrot show didn't have a bunch of trained parrots so much as it displayed birds.  We didn't see the opportunity to get the kids photo w/ parrots until we were leaving and they didn't permit us to take our own picture.  We lost the card w/ their phone number on it, so the picture of Savannah above w/ birds is taken at the Seaquarium, and we don't have a picture of them covered w/ parrots.