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Roy Leutwyler

I just learned that Roy was Killed by Miami's finest.  Here is an article from yahoo's cache.  It has been pulled from both the Miami Herald's website, and google's site cache.  Very odd it seems to me.  Thanks Yahoo!

You'd argue the physics of which way is really up, but you wouldn't fight over anything.  The police report said the police (Andrew Mesa) acted in self-defense.  The witnesses, all casual acquaintances (neighbors)  say you were un-armed, but they are being dismissed by the police as hostile witnesses.  Even if you were armed with a butcher knife and the police claim, one shot by a threatened officer could be self defense.  Two, maybe.  FIVE, I have to say you must have simply pissed off an Andrew Mesa and he almost unloaded his gun on you.  I know you were smarter than he.  You were smarter than all of us.  I wish you hadn't mouthed off to this punk officer.  Of course a little professionalism would have gone a long way too. 

There aren't many facts, but the photos and some witnesses indicate the locked fence was also between you and officer Mesa.  I know how smart you are and it is brought up in many of the interviews.  The police story that one of the smartest people I know would attack several armed police, with maybe a knife simply does not read like fact.  God Bless you Roy-
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Man shot by police was former sailor


The man fatally shot by Miami police Monday night was a retired yacht captain who one friend said helped develop a radar system for the U.S. Navy in Hawaii in the 1950s.

Roy Leutwyler, 70, was shot and killed after police say he charged Officer Andrew Mesa, 24, with a large butcher knife.

Mesa and other officers had been called to an apartment complex at 2490 NW North River Dr. after a neighbor called 911 at 7:35 p.m. to report ''a violent man screaming and waving a gun,'' said Miami Lt. Bill Schwartz, a spokesman.

''It's a clear case of self-defense. No cop wants to kill another person but there are instances when we don't have the luxury of time,'' Schwartz said.

Leutwyler had lived in the river-front building for three years.

Born in New Jersey, Leutwyler worked in Hawaii developing an early-attack radar defense system with the Navy, then later became a subcontractor for electronics company RCA, said pal Randy Knauss.

Leutwyler's wife died of cancer in the 1960s. He never remarried.

Afterward, he moved to Miami and captained sail boats navigating the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Later, he worked repairing electronics systems for yachts before retiring.

''He was a real genius. The guy was real intelligent -- like Einstein,'' said Knauss, who also lives in the building.

Leutwyler was known for tipping his glass when neighbors walked past, and occasionally howling at the moon in jest. Leutwyler usually had a drink in hand.

''Rum -- he was a sailor,'' Knauss said.

''If ever saw him without a drink, I would think it wasn't him,'' said neighbor Sandra Trotter.

Neighbors and friends could not remember Leutwyler causing trouble.

On Monday night, he and at least two other men had been drinking in front of his apartment near the stairwell, behind the front gate, when he began arguing with a neighbor.

Leutwyler lived in Apartment 2. He was shot dead outside Apartment 1, near the complex's front door.

Mirta Gonzalez, an upstairs neighbor, heard Leutwyler cussing at officers.

''He wasn't a delinquent. He wasn't a killer,'' she said. ``This was abuse by the police.''

Knauss, who lives upstairs too, heard a ''ruckus'' and glimpsed an agitated Leutwyler running, his arms outstretched. Knauss couldn't see a knife and did not see the officers.

''I looked outside, saw him on the ground and thought he had tripped,'' said Knaus, who said he heard about five shots.

Leutwyler was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center, where doctors pronounced him dead.

The investigation is being handled by Miami's internal affairs unit.

Mesa, a two year-veteran who patrols Allapattah, was placed on administrative leave, which is routine in police-involved shootings.

''From everything we're hearing, it appears it was self-defense,'' said Armando Aguilar, president of Miami's Fraternal Order of Police.


Postings  on Article:

Another trigger happy cop!A lethal weapon firing five shots to a 70 years old drunk fart.Self defense?Give me a break.

Well,another instance of a Latino cop killing black and white Americans. Somebody please do some checking on this awful statistic and say it's not really happening here in Miami.The fact is it is true.


I don't know how long the blog will be there.  They've pulled the article. 

Well, it's been a week since news of Roy's Murder reached me in Seattle.  At first, I thought it was a conspiracy because the article was pulled from the Miami Herald's website and google's cache version no longer had it.  I don't know what google's problem was, but they now show the article.  The Herald was probably in the process of moving it from News to Archived articles. 

In looking over the facts, several seem apparent, and some are not facts, but opinions.  The Police officers I was on news clips were every bit as quick to offer opinions lacking evidence as I and Roy's friends are to offer unsubstantiated facts.

As I understand it, Roy was arrested once for smuggling some marijuana from Jamaica.  In addition to the herb, there was a gun found on his vessel.  He served 4 times the smuggling sentence because it was commissioned w/ a gun on board the boat.