January-  OK, it's new years eve, CES, Mark & Tanya, and more.

February-  Ben Franklin Elementary functions, a trip to the peninsula, and more

Progressive night ride dinner after huge wind storm.  Amy Supple and Megan Supple celebrate w/ friends.  Also pics of Ben Franklin School reading.


Spring Break in Florida

April skiing, trail rides, etc.

Cassidy's 13th Birthday was a great time.  Folks came from Boise, Portland, Vancouver, and Chicago.  Here are a few pics, w/ more coming.

May-  Cinco de Mayo w/ Eckart at Kris and Erik's,  Stella Scola Medieval Celebration, Horses, Fun show in Bridle Trails Park, etc.


Ben Franklin Elementary



Seahawks vs. Dallas, Fishing next to the stadium, and the Evergreen State Fair

Westport Wa Fishing Trip with Paul Stanton

Wind Storm, Snow Storms, 9 days without power-  The routine is this.  You wake up, get dressed, check the oil on the generator, fill the fuel, start it, come in and throw the circuit breakers, and then make coffee!  Ah, factory made, continuous electricity and a timer on the coffee machine!

September is rolling nicely.  We had a great weekend that started with an Elton John concert Friday night.  Mehri picked me up after work, we had a nice dinner, and were entertained for 2 hours 45 minutes by Elton.  He was very gracious, autographing for fans while his band took a break.  His catalog is of course very rich and he played lots of the old songs we all love.  I particularly liked one of the songs from his new album, The Captain and the Kid.  I'm not sure the name, but it talked of the randomness with which so many of our friends have been taken at young ages.